Overtone is a design agency based in Aarhus, Denmark. We’re partnering with clients across various industries to create or evolve strong visual brands, digital experiences and bespoke typefaces. We’re driven by strategic thinking and a deep expertise in design and visual craftsmanship. 

Creative thinkers, craftsmen and digital explorers.

We’re a team of passionate and strategically founded designers — able to work across different disciplines, yet specialised in certain domains. We solve business challenges, give brands a voice, teach at design schools, write about design and work on our own ideas, when there’s time. We’re experienced, curious and care about using design to move things forward. 

Feel free to reach out to Nicolaj at +26 84 91 17, if you have an idea, a question or a project in mind. 


What we do

↳ We craft new brands or evolve existing ones

Your brand is much more than its logo. Based on your business strategy or purpose, we’ll work closely with you to create or improve your brand identity — and craft distinct visual designs that speak to your audience with relevance.

Brand strategy / Naming / Graphic design / Visual Identity / Print / Packaging / Product Identity / Design systems / Design manuals / Typefaces

↳ We design exciting digital experiences

We’ll translate your brand into an appealing digital experience or help you turn your ideas into digital products. Together, we’ll explore concepts, define key features and explore how to efficiently interact with your audiences or stakeholders.

Digital design / Websites / UX/UI design / Prototyping / Apps / Service design 

↳ We develop bespoke brand typefaces

Few design elements have greater impact than the voice of a typeface. It creates consistency and enables you brand yourself across touchpoints. In companies with many tactical activities the bespoke typeface is the visual anchor that connects everything to the strategic base.

Brand typefaces / Font families / Wayfinding / Implementation


Creative Circle Award Gold 2022
Creative Circle Award Bronze 2022
German Design Special Award 2021
Creative Circle Award Silver 2021 
Creative Circle Award Gold 2020 
Creative Circle Award Silver 2020 
FWA Awards 2020
Creative Circle Award Silver 2019 
Red Dot Award 2019
Børsen Gazelle 2018
Børsen Gazelle 2017


↳ Understand

Every great design starts with understanding your ambitions as a business — and by empathising with the needs of your audiences and users. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that what we do support those goals.

↳ Define

Upon understanding, we’ll define the strategic scope of your design. It’s here, we draw a process, create a solid strategic foundation and discuss the potential routes to go — no matter whether we’re rethinking a brand or creating a new product.

↳ Explore

Now, it’s time to start exploring — and designing. We’ll combine our knowledge from the previous phases with creative craftsmanship and start exploring ideas on how we can move your business and entice your audiences.

↳ Craft

Finally, it’s all about crafting compelling and efficient designs. We’ll work with your team to make sure that everything is adjusted until it’s just right — and ensure that your designs will be implemented just like they’re supposed to.



↳ Work like a band

Overtone is like a band. Everybody needs to perform and we’re all on the poster. That way it’s easier to focus and do great work. Here, everyone knows what is going on and there’s a direct line from you to the designers.

↳ Trust the process

Design is as much about process and strategy as it’s about stunning visuals. Don’t get us wrong — we’re passionate about crafting beautiful design, but we always aim for asking questions, solving challenges and moving you forward as well.

↳ Care about the craft

At Overtone we’re craftsmen and we care about every dot, line or curve that we make. We know that every little detail matters if what we’re designing should matter to people — and stand the test of time.

↳ Design for reality

It’s important to us, that what we’re making together makes it all the way to reality. That’s why we’re always focusing on creating real, tangible assets and generate actual value. We’ll work with you all the way from vision to implementation.

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