Musikkens Spisehus

House of Music Restaurant

When gourmet food, wine and music are mixed in a unique visual brand meal.

Musikkens Spisehus Subbrand identity


Musikkens Spisehus is the official restaurant, and sub-brand, of Musikkens Hus (House of Music) in Aalborg. It serves gourmet meals with high quality ingredients in a relaxed, and price friendly environment.


To create a standalone sub-brand that can still be a recognizable part of a strong mother brand.


We used the M from the Musikkens Hus logotype as logo for the restaurant to visually connect the two brands.

In addition, we created a visual universe of musical instruments merged with dining table accessories for the restaurant. You might not see them at first glance – but as soon you discover them, they pique your curiosity and connects your joy of music and food, signaling you’ve come to a special place within the music venue.

Bon appetite.