Musikkens Hus

Visual brand identity connects the playfull Coop Himmelbla(u) architecture with an emotional brand promise.

Musikkens HusBrand identity


Musikkens Hus (House of Music) is the musical hub of northern Denmark and an architectural gem. The building is situated on the Aalborg waterfront with a panoramic view of the Lim fjord, and was designed by the internationally acclaimed architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au.


In 2012, still building their new home, Musikkens Hus approached us to help them build a visual brand identity. The new identity should incorporate visual elements of the new building’s architecture with the multitude of musical genres to which Musikkens Hus is home.


We worked with a conceptual platform based on movement: movement between the building’s outer- and inner architecture, movement of one’s state-of-mind before and after a concert, and the unique ways that music can move us emotionally.

From this, we developed a payoff that became a part of the brand promise: “Lad dig bevæge”, or, in English, “Be moved”.

Every day, we experience the strength of the identity – the audience recognize us solely from our brand typeface and our primary colour after only two years of existence. That’s amazing. We surely recommend Nicolaj and his team for the dedication and ability to quickly familiarize our universe, needs and wants.

Sara Trier Gaarde, Head of Marketing & Communication – Musikkens Hus


Once the overarching concept was in place, we designed the typeface to speak the same visual language as the architecture. We built it from the same circles and rectangles that guests experience in the built environment. The “Be Moved” concept is visualized by the lines in the typeface and the “dancing” logotype.

This characteristic brand typeface articulates the musical diversity one can expect from Musikkens Hus, while reminding guests of the musical experiences they’ve had long after the final notes have been played. The typeface is a flexible-, extended logotype that leads the visual brand on all platforms.

The Musikkens Hus typeface consists of two variants, Display and Headline, and a special icon font with, for instance, arrows for wayfinding.

“We started the brand identity development process wearing construction helmets, and ended dressed in formal wear during the concert hall’s ten-day opening ceremony.”

Nicolaj Bak, Overtone Founder