Revitalization of brand and store concept for food feinschmecker and micro bakery in the heart of Aarhus

FoodfeinBrand identity


Foodfein is an Aarhus based micro bakery and feinschmecker café. After years of trial and error management, the profile of the store concept has become blurry for both management and customers.


We were challenged to create a customer experience that matches the visions behind the concept. And to make the solution easy and simple to implement in a busy everyday worklife.

Solution & implementation

We started by rearranging the shop space and the storefronts to clarify profile and functions. We redesigned the entire visual brand identity to support the brand core values and implemented new display concepts, packaging design, store signage and marketing materials.

A part of the design is template based and can be managed by management and employees.

If you’re in Aarhus, try their tasteful bread made out of organic flour, water and salt – and nothing else.