Ensemble MidtVest

An unusual artistic profile needs an outstanding visual identity. One of Denmark’s finest experimental classical Ensembles stands out on the national and international scene.

Ensemble MidtVestBrand identity

The Situation

Ensemble MidtVest has played Carnegie Hall. They’ve given master classes in Rio. They’ve played Argentinian tango at Copenhagen’s Tivoli, and held premiere evenings in London. This multi-genre ensemble, widely respected for their high-level performances, came to us for help creating a new visual identity.

The Challenge

The challenge was to shake up perceptions of classical music performances as being overtly historic and focused on conservative conventions; to create modern communication that was more inclusive than exclusive and that represented Ensemble MidtVest’s core ideas and vision.

The Solution

We created a visual counterpoint to the common classical music communication and aesthetic; one that expresses the DNA of the ensemble and their art in a context that breaks with preconceived notions.

The Implementation

The Logotype and brand typeface embraces, as the ensemble itself, both the historic and the contemporary aspects and traditions of music.