Aarhus Letbane (Aarhus Light rail)

A clear, characteristic brand typeface guides Aarhus travellers through the region’s new light rail system.

Aarhus Light RailBrand typeface


Denmark’s first light rail connects travellers from all over the Aarhus region, and represents a huge improvement in infrastructure for both locals and the ever-increasing number of tourists.


To help create a strong visual typeface that adhered to the existing design manual and helped enhance understanding and uniformity in all communication channels.


We cooperated with designers from Aarhus Light Rail to create a highly legible brand typeface. We approached the typeface as a visual element that should bring uniformity and regonisability to signage and communication related to use of the new light rail.


The typeface is used in and on the trains, at stations and in the light rail’s literature and branding. It comes in multiple weights and styles and is also used for the logotype.